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CCD REGISTRATION   after all masses on Saturday 3rd &  Sunday  4th of September.

Classes begin on September 21st at  5:30p.m.

CLASES DE DOCTRINA. Se puede registrar después de las Santas Misas en  los dias 3 y 4 de Septiembre.

Las clases empiezan el dia 21 de Septiembre a las 5 y media de la tarde.


THE ALTAR SOCIETY is a group of people who meet once a month for reflection and prayer. Their ministry is to take care of the liturgical environment of the church. They make sure that there is enough wine and hosts for the celebration of the Eucharist, that the proper liturgical  and the altar linens are clean for the celebrations. For more information please call Angie (210) 913-5175.

LA SOCIEDAD DEL ALTAR  es un grupo de personas  que se reune una vez al mes para hacer oracion y refleccion. Ellos se encarga del ambiente litúrgico de la Iglesia, se aseguran que haya hostias, vino, y que todo lo que se necesite para las celebraciones este limpio y listo. Para más información, haga el favor de ponerse en contacto con Angie (210) 913-5175.

OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP SOCIETY is a group of  people who are committed in taking part in the uplifting of the spiritual role in our Parish through their active participation in the Liturgy and in carrying out the devotion to our Blessed Mother and her Son, our model. The novena, rosary and their togetherness signify the symbol of God’s love. Likewise, the prayers and services that they share with their neighbors – their family and community, give them a sense of experiencing the presence of God among us. Members help the Pastor in many ways, when called to do so.        Everyone is welcome. For more information please call Tony (210) 865-6447 or talk to any member.

GRUPO DE LECTORES EN ESPAÑOL es un grupo de personas que se reúne todos los Jueves en la iglesia de Mission San Juan Capistrano (a las 7 de la tarde) a practicar y estudiar las lecturas del próximo Domingo. No es necesario ser Lector para participar en este grupo. Para mas información, haga el favor de ponerse en contacto con  Robinson Maturana (210) 534-3161.

THE FINANCE COMMITTEE assists the Pastor in managing the finances. The first meeting of the NEW FINANCE COMMITTEE will take place in the month of October. Members are chosen by the Pastor. The names of the members will be published after the October meeting.

THE HALL COMMITTEE is a group of people who help the Pastor to manage the Parish Hall. The names of the Hall Committee will be published in October. Please give your name to the Pastor if you wish to be considered for a position on the Hall Committee. This committee will help the Pastor to plan the future of  our facilities.